City Walk

City walk is the one of largest zone of Jeddah Season with the utmost diverse experiences, which covers an area of 282 K square meters. It features 9 main sub-zones presenting a fully integrated experience; where every family member can find something they enjoy, be it calmness and meditation, excitement and running, delicious cuisines and cafes, or just simply taking walks and enjoying the company of the crowd. Each subzone features its own first-time shows, activities, and adventures.




Zone Map

The City Walk zone is an experience that transports you into an exciting new world that’s suitable for all family members, from the eldest to the youngest. What makes it special is the 50-meter high interactive waterfall with its mini roaming boats. Then the 150-meter high air balloon experience in the center of Jeddah, plus a dedicated fashion destination presenting the latest trends, and the most fun variety of unique water games, not to mention the phenomenal Studio zone with its Arabic and global theatres. Not only that, but visitors will also enjoy exciting games that include horror experiences that’ll get the adrenaline right up there! And the first of its kind Anime village that will amaze the lovers of the genre.

City Walks gives you the chance to take a walk in nature in its large green garden with the interactive waterfall at its center, in addition to numerous stores, restaurants, and cafes that cater to every taste, and you can also enjoy watching the dancing fountain with its charming shows from colorful laser lights, interactive shows, to unmatched visual and optical illusions.